Being induced

We went to visit some friends today, they are expecting a baby in a couple of months so we get to talk a lot about babies and pregnancy without very much attention being on me. A few things I heard in the course of our evening chat in their Dulwich garden make me nervous. I’m told that if your baby doesn’t arrive on it’s due date then you are immediately induced at Kings College Hospital. I don’t like the sound of that. I’m not sure anyone can be 100% confident of how old my unborn child will be at any stage of pregnancy so I’d like to wait the extra two weeks post due date that I’d expected. I do some research and come across this lovely video of giving birth at Kings. It makes me cry, I blame the pregnancy hormones but If I’m honest I’ve always been a very emotional person. I had thought a lot about how I want to give birth but being less than 12 weeks and keeping it a secret I feel there is a chance that this pregnancy won’t go to full term so I try not to think about 40 weeks too much (easier said than done). My best friend gave birth to her first son in water two weeks ago. Everyone I know who has had a water birth has very good things to say about it, and unless there are complications I want a water birth. The fear is that the hospital doesn’t have a free birthing pool when I go in, they mention a birthing centre that Kings is linked to, I think you have better odds at securing a pool at a birthing centre and I prefer the sound of a birthing centre rather than a hospital. However I’m not ruling out a home birth. One of our friends is a midwife and she lives round the corner from us, we’d love it if she could deliver the baby. More research and I find a blog about a lady called Gill being induced at Kings on her due date. I put all the inducement thoughts to the back of my mind as I’m told about the next alarming thing.

Our friend fainted in Church a couple of weeks ago, fell backwards and cracked her head open. Fortunately she was quickly whisked to hospital where the gap in her head was glued back together and she’s made a full recovery with no harm to the baby. It got me thinking, although I’ve only been pregnant for a very shot time, in that time I have felt dizzy very frequently and yet I’ve never thought I could faint. I will be more conscientious at all times and will be quick to lie down if the dizziness gets bad.


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