Nice day for a white wedding

I started the day with some apprehension. We’re off to a wedding and being just 5 weeks pregnant I can’t say a word, I’m nervous about how I’m going to disguise my lack of drinking. My husband and I have gone through all of our tricks, I’ll ask him to hold my glass, he’ll give me it back after drinking most of it etc. fortunately on arrival our friends are there with their tiny 9 day old baby who is a lovely distraction. As soon as I have the chance I have baby Eliot in my arms and my mind wanders off to how different things will be in about 35 weeks. After the service I nurse a glass of bubbles and no one seems to notice that I’m not drinking it. As we go through to the meal someone on our table has the bright idea that we should not sit next to our husbands and wives but move places to sit with different people each course. I go into a panic as I wonder how I’m going to get my husband to drink my wine from the other side of the table. Fortunately it works out fine as no one sits with me long enough to notice my wine glass remains full throughout the meal. My husband does come to my rescue when a plate of Parma ham is placed in front of me saying “such a shame you don’t like Palma ham” as he scoops it onto his own plate. I love Palma ham! Over the course of the evening I’m offered many drinks and politely decline, these responses are met with “are you pregnant?” 2 or 3 times. I hate lying to people. I say “give me a chance, we’ve only been married 7 weeks!”. I can’t wait for the first trimester to be over so I can tell the people I care about.

By about 9pm I’m wishing I was tucked up in bed, but we’re suddenly called to a failing dance floor which I decide to bring back to life. After providing the DJ with many song suggestions the party gets moving again and I dance non-stop for the next 3 hours. I feel totally exhausted and dizzy all evening but suspect the exercise did me good and I hope I’ll be able to dance all through pregnancy.


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