Morning sickness 

Today was the first day I felt really sick. It’s quite reassuring as it confirms I’m still pregnant and I should be about 6 weeks. This morning I went back into my house to get my baby on board badge and a plastic carrier bag. I didn’t want to use the badge until I was heavily pregnant but I thought, if I’m going to throw up on a packed train I’d rather be sitting down. After a lot of panting, deep breaths and clutching my badge in my hand I managed to make it to Tesco next to my office where I picked up a variety of cereal bars as I’d read they’re good for the morning sickness and I couldn’t face porridge and a banana. I’m petrified someone at work will realise I’m pregnant and suddenly I’ll be seen as someone who’s leaving rather than going places. I need to keep it a secret for as long as possible. My colleague came in with her baby today, he’s only 4 months old and he’s beautiful. I wanted to ask a million questions but I need to be subtle. My husband told me off for quoting pregnancy stats at the week. It’s so hard to keep quiet!

I did spin at lunch, I’m keen on keeping a small, trim and fit body in the hope of a perfect labour (if that’s possible) and a 7lb baby. All the symptoms I’m experiencing are things I’ve had before, just not normally all at once. I felt dizzy and sick and the instructor kept telling me to keep it up, push hard etc. but I just don’t have as much in me as normal. I don’t feel defeated but I know I have to keep at it as I’m not working as hard as normal. I weighed 2lbs more than last week, I blame a lot on this baby and pregnancy but I suspect carbs and chocolate are to blame for those 2lbs-they will be gone by the weekend.


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