Keeping my cool

At lunch time I had my first really frustrating pregnancy experience. I went to yoga where the instructor told me it’s not safe to do yoga in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. I’d done plenty of research and I’m 100% confident that she’s wrong. What could I possible do to harm my unborn child? It’s the size of a grain of rice! I would say getting a pregnant lady very annoyed and not allowing her to unwind in a hatha yoga class is likely to have a far bigger chance of bringing on a miscarriage! I will find a better teacher and will see someone new next week.  Check out this conflicting view-yoga is safe:

I’m supposed to be seeing three of my closest friends for dinner tonight but I know the non-drinking will make things awkward and they’ll ask me if I’m pregnant. I can’t lie to them so I decide to make my excuses. I’m encouraged by how quickly the time is going, next week will be seven weeks and then I’ll only have five more secret weeks. Some days I don’t feel pregnant at all, despite the sickness, dizziness, abdominal pains and tender boobs, these are all things I’ve experience before and I’ve never been pregnant before, I could just be experiencing period pains on a hangover. I’m told once I have my 12 week scan it will all become very real to me.


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