More secrets


This weekend was such a killer. On Friday we went to see my parents and my sister and yet I’m sworn to secrecy. My sister made the most amazing meatballs with tagliatelle but I was worried they were a little on the rare side and I had to give them to my husband to eat. I brought a selection of cheeses for pudding, I’d been to a great cheese shop on the Northcote Road who’d provided me with pasteurized cheeses so I could eat all of them. It was lovely to catch up with my family but I hated not being able to tell them our news, I knew they would be so excited for us.

On Saturday we headed over to our friends to meet their one month old. It was very exciting, he’s very cute and I got lots of cuddles. Again total torture not being able to tell my best friend but her partner swore her to secrecy so she knew not to ask even though it was perfectly obvious that I am pregnant. We spoke about nothing other than babies, pregnancy, child birth and parenting. I gave baby Joshua a bath, winded him, cuddled him, changed his nappy – turns out he needed a wee as soon as i opened the nappy! It was great though, not just because he’s lovely but because it was nice to have a go at things before my own baby shows up. They gave me two books to take away with us, What to expect when you’re expecting and Expecting better. By the time we’d got back to London I was almost half way through Expecting better and was totally in love with it. It’s written by an Economist, Emily Oster, who uses data behind all the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy to make her own conclusions. I think it is truly brilliant and I would really recommend it.

On Sunday I felt a little more quesy than normal and only managed a piece of toast for breakfast. By midday we were somewhere on the M4 and I knew I was going to be sick if I didn’t eat something. I didn’t manage to eat until about 2pm and by that time I thought I was going kill someone in order to put some food in my body. Somehow we didn’t manage to find any services on the way home and quickly grabbed some friends en route to the brunch place in Wandsworth. As we walked in the door I went straight to the counter and asked if they’d mind if I ate a croissant, they said they were happy to bring it to our table, I apologised for being so hungry and said I thought I might faint and hope I wouldn’t offend them if I just helped myself, fortunately they thought it was funny, so did my husband and our friends, sadly I couldn’t see the funny side. Our friends are also expecting a baby but when I’d asked about morning sickness Nat had said she was fine as long as she had some wetabix for breakfast so I don’t think she’d understood what I was no experiencing. By the time we left the restaurant I had eaten several more dishes, eating is the only thing that seems to stop the nausea. Unfortunately I now felt very poorly from eating so much and didn’t manage to move from the couch for the rest of the day or eat anything for dinner.


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